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The Blood Countess by Piper McManamon, published by SapphoCreations and created for Bartlett Paranormal Investigations.


After the mysterious disappearance of her paranormal investigator cousin, Anastasia Chapman and her girlfriend Ruby head down to East Saint Louis, Illinois to find out what happened to him. What they discover is bigger than anything they could have ever imagined. 


The Blood Countess is a modern murder mystery taking place in and around East Saint Louis, Illinois in August of 2014. It combines elements of alternate history/historical fiction with horror and mystery to form a well-written story meticulously researched so almost every aspect of the story is possible in real life. The book consists of chapters taking place on each day of the investigation occasionally interspersed with flashbacks to the character's pasts or news articles and other events

Published Aug 13, 2017
StatusIn development
PublisherSappho Creations
Release date in 23 days
AuthorSappho Creations
TagsFemale Protagonist, Horror, LGBT, Mystery, Romance, supernatural, suspense, Vampire
Average sessionDays or more

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